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C-RED 2 Extended Range: new perspectives in SWIR imaging

20 Jan 2022

While standard InGaAs detectors cover a spectral range from 900 to 1700 nm, ER-InGaAs detector
sensitivity is shifted towards higher wavelengths up to 2200 nm, and this is a real breakthrough in SWIRimaging.

C-RED 2 Extended Range (ER) is a highly sensitive extended short wave infrared camera developed as a versatile platform to integrate ER-InGaAs VGA detectors (640x512 pixels). Currently, two versions of the camera are available: the C-RED 2 ER 1.9 µm, integrating an extended range detector sensitive from 1100 to 1900 nm and the C-RED 2 ER 2.2 µm integrating a detector sensitive from 1300 to 2200 nm. C-RED 2 ER combines high framerates (up to 600 frames per second in full frame) to high sensitivity with a readout noise below 40 e- for C-RED 2 ER 2.2µm at its nominal temperature of -55°C, and below 50 efor C-RED 2 ER 1.9µm at its nominal temperature of -40°C, with liquid cooling.

C-RED 2 ER opens new opportunities in SWIR imaging
By enabling the detection of light at wavelengths beyond the 1700 nm cutoff of standard InGaAs, C-RED 2 Extended Range opens new perspectives for a wide range of applications from research to high-end industry: fluorescence imaging, surveillance, laser detection for defense and communication,
hyperspectral imaging for waste sorting, food inspection or pharmaceuticals, thermography…

C-RED 2 Extended Range can operate with different readout modes and achieve high-speed frame
processing. The camera is able to run at 600 full frames per second, with embedded corrections: bad
pixels correction, 2-point Non-Uniformity Correction, etc… which can be applied with no degradation of
the image spatial resolution, loss of speed, or restriction on framerate.

The camera offers both USB and Camera Link® Full interfaces. It is integrated in the First Light Vision
Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is cross-platform. To help programmers develop their own user
interface, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is also provided.

C-RED 2 ER is part of the C-RED range of cameras from First Light Imaging:
Designed for scientific or industrial applications where sensitivity, speed, dynamic and resolution are
essential, easy as plug-and-play, the C-RED range of cameras from First Light Imaging offer advanced
solutions for every application and every budget.

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