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Product Announcement

Single-Frequency Laser Diodes DBRs

02 Sep 2021

Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers (DBRs) from LASER COMPONENTS offer high power and single frequency with a line width typically below 1MHz.  Wavelengths range from 775nm to 1085nm.  These devices are ideally suited to OEM and R&D across a range of applications such as atom optics, non-linear optics and optical pumps.

They feature a proprietary grating structure, monolithic passive grating design, temperature tunable and nano or picosecond pulse capability.  DBR lasers emit a diffraction limited beam approaching theoretical maximum brightness.

There are a range of packages available including C-mount, butterfly, TO-8 and chips on submount.  For high power applications, the Mercury™ TOSA package is available in addition to fibre coupled options

Applications include time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, Terehertz generation, range finding and targeting, directed energy, atomic clocks, gravimeters, quantum computing.

These DBR lasers are available at key wavelengths including:

  • alkali metals: the D1and D2 lines of rubidium, cesium, and potassium
  • O2at 760nm
  • He* at 1083nm
  • H2O at 828nm
  • Raman spectroscopy at 785nm

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/single-spatial-and-longitudinal-mode-laser-diodes/

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