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Bias Controllers for LiNbO3 Modulators

15 Jun 2021

LASER COMPONENTS supplies the iXblue MBC-LAB and MBC-Board which reduce significantly dither voltage amplitude thanks to the very low noise sensitivity provided.

As the Mach-Zehnder interferometer is subject to drift due to thermal changes, thermal inhomogeneity, aging, photo refractive effects or static electrical charge accumulation it is necessary to use the bias controller to avoid the transfer function to move horizontally.  The modulation signal is then applied to a changing operating point that can strongly modify the obtained modulation.

This new version is characterised by an enhanced stability, a USB communication and a graphical user interface (GUI) are introduced for ease of use.  The analogue, digital and pulse MBCs are selected according to the application to perfectly fit the modulator’s behaviour and characteristics.  

The MBC-AN is designed for analogue applications where a high purity carrier is required.  They are easy to implement, and fully automated with their auto-set function. 

The MBC-DG-LAB controller can be used for any telecom and digital modulation application and it benefits from an auto-set operation for the min modes resulting in simplified use for pulse applications.

The MBC-IQ-Lab is an electronic system able to control the MXIQER modulators in a CS-SSB modulation.  It is based on the minimisation of the beating harmonic of two small dithers.  This system will maintain the harmonic rejection of optical CS-SSB spectrum better than 40dB over tens of hours.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/modulator-bias-controller/

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