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Product Announcement

Highly Radiation Resistant Lenses for CCTV cameras

08 Jun 2021

Resolve Optics reports on growing demand for radiation resistant fixed focus and zoom lenses for CCTV cameras used for visual inspection in nuclear power stations.

Following on from the widely reported accidents at Chernobyl, and more recently the Fujishima Daiichi nuclear power plants, the need for CCTV camera systems that can operate even when subject to high radiation was evident. Drawing upon its expertise in radiation resistant lenses - Resolve Optics has established itself as a world leader in the supply of key camera lenses used in applications including the inspection of fuel elements, pressure vessels and nuclear cores, as well as the inspection of loading and offloading of nuclear materials.

All optical elements in Resolve Optics radiation-resistant lens designs for CCTV cameras are made using cerium oxide-doped glass or synthetic silica. This allows Resolve Optics fixed focus and zoom camera lenses to withstand radiation doses up to 1 billion rads and temperatures up to 100°C without significant discoloration or performance degradation. These specialist lenses also provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750 nm.

For further information on highly radiation resistant lenses for CCTV cameras please visit https://www.resolveoptics.com/nuclear/ or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 / sales@resolveoptics.com.

Drawing upon nearly 30-years experience - Resolve Optics has built a strong reputation for design and manufacture of production quantities of radiation resistant (non-browning) lenses and optical products on time to strict quality and target price guidelines.

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