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Product Announcement

New VCSEL & PIC Wafer-level Test Products From ficonTEC

05 May 2021

ficonTEC’s new WaferLine Test (WLT) product line is specially designed as a versatile, fully automatable test-&-measurement system platform for wafer-level device test. They systems provide fully automated testing capability for one of three critical device characterization configurations.

Firstly, the R&D proof-of-concept device test option builds on state-of-the-art, low-volume multi-channel optical I/O test of on-wafer waveguides and PICs. Custom 3D-printed fiber tips support all current optical fiber-to-wafer coupling mechanisms and ensure low-loss performance, while combined electro-optical probing schemes extend capability of the system to include active (hybrid integrated) devices.

Secondly, an innovative mixed-signal probe head design provides combined electro-optical test-&-qualify capability for rapid testing of VCSELs. The probe head design is scalable (up to x64), the channels remaining both spatially and temporally crosstalk-free, and thus enabling rapid, problem-free parallel testing of VCSEL wafers, with complete wafer testing achievable in significantly reduced overall testing times. This option addresses the very immediate challenge regarding volume scalability for LIV, spectral and near/far-field beam characterization of VCSELs.

The third option pulls all these developments together and adds still more sophistication to the probe head design, to provide a complete electro-optical solution for on-wafer test-&-qualify processing of passive and active integrated and hybridized photonic devices. While offering limited scalability, this WLT option addresses the increasing functional complexity of modern integrated photonic-enabled devices, as found for example in co-packaged optical systems.

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