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Product Announcement

UV radiometer

01 Apr 2021

The UV Radiometer SXL 55-UVC is a radiometer / dosimeter for measurement of the germicidal irradiation and dose of a UVC Hg low pressure source at a definded position.  It consists of a PTB traceably calibrated UVC sensor and a smartphone. By default sensitivity range is 0 ... 200 mW/cm2.
Besides chemical treatment, UVC sterilization is applied to disinfect air and tools in hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies as well as food and pharmaceutical production facilities and public washrooms. In most cases the needed UVC radiation is generated by Hg low pressure lamps. 
However, surfaces in other facilities that are open to the public are not yet object of systematic disinfection. The COVID19 pandemy rised the attention to also disinfect these locations, e.g disinfection of air and surfaces in open office environments, factories, depots, public transportation, washrooms and lockers, surface disinfection of packages, disinfection of tools in workshops and production facilities.
While designing and using of UVC disinfection systems it is important to ensure that the surface to be disinfected will be irradiated with a sufficient germicidal UVC dose. The International Ultaviolet association’s website (iuva.org) publishes a good overview at the state of the art and recommended irradiation doses for different purposes. 

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