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Scitec Instruments Ltd

Scitec Instruments is a specialist manufacturer of lock-in amplifiers and optical choppers. It also distributes a wide range of photonic products including lasers, laser accessories and eyewear, ir sources, uv photodiodes and fibreoptic test products

Optical Choppers Scitec Instruments produces a wide range of rotating disc optical choppers offering a choice of chopping frequencies and beam aperture sizes.

Lock-in Amplifiers Lockin amplifiers are instruments designed to recover signals that are buried in noise. Scitec Instruments designs and manufactures lock-in amplifiers from PCB level products to complete DSP instruments.

IR Sources Scitec distributes a range of broadband IR sources suitable for use in laboratory or field instrumentation.

UV Products UV products offered include UV photodiodes which are intrinsically blind to the visible spectrum together with UV probes, current/voltage amplifiers, controllers and monitors, and UV lamps.

Lasers Scitec distributes DPSS and diode lasers and laser modules covering the wavelength range from 266 nm to 1550 nm. These lasers are intended for appliactions in industry, science and entertainment.

Laser Eyewear Scitec Instruments distributes the NoIR range of CE approved laser protective eyewear.

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