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sell plano convex lens

23 Dec 2020

plano-convex lenses are polished to great tolerance with master test plates to ensure minimum wave front distortion for demanding electro-optic focusing purpose. N-BK7 is a great lens material for most visible applications. N-BK7 is the most common crown optical material, it provides good performance at a good value. Our single layer Magnesium fluoride AR coating is a common coating that offers an extremely broad visible wavelength range at a reasonable price. Compared to the uncoated surface, the MgF2 coating provides a significant improvement by reducing the reflectance to less than 1.5%. Broadband multilayer AR coating is also available, 350-650nm, 400-700nm and 650-1050nm. Our Custom made specifications: Diameter range 2mm to 800mm Tolerance +/-0.05mm Thickness tolerance +/-0.05mm Surface quality 20/10 or 40/20 Surface accuracy L/4 or better Centering 1 arc mins Bevel Protective bevel Coating Single layer AR coating or broad band AR coating for different wavelengths, R<0.5% or better Substrate N-BK7 or H-K9L finely

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