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LT-PLM series

22 Dec 2020

LASER COMPONENTS offers FLEXPOINT® and LT-PLM laser modules for position preview and alignment tasks.  Machine operators can use simple dot or crosshair laser modules to get an accurate preview for where a tool will meet its intended object.  This will allow the operator to check the position for milling, turning and drilling holes before the tool begins its process.  Two-line lasers can be used to create a cross where it is not possible to place a laser directly over the object.

The LT-PLM series precision laser module is characterised by a precisely fitting housing from which the laser beam exits parallel to the axis.  Thus, this module has an extremely low beam-angle error of 0.05mrads or 5/100mm per metre of distance.  The module can be operated without safety eyewear and is therefore suitable for all sorts of alignment tasks e.g. where machines have to be aligned to each other or when the thorn inside a turning lathe needs to be centred.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/precision-laser-modules/

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