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Optical Sensing Solutions for Rapid Virus Diagnosis

23 Nov 2020

Ocean Insight optical sensing technologies are helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers tackle challenges associated with rapid, reliable testing and diagnosis of viral infections including COVID-19.

Solutions for Virus Testing

Ocean Insight optical sensing technologies including fluorescence-based PCR and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) can be implemented into portable systems developed by manufacturers for virus detection and testing. Our optical sensing technologies drive limits of detection (LOD) to levels unheard of in most portable viral detection devices, significantly speeding up pass/fail COVID-19 test results. Also, samples can be collected from saliva, which eliminates the need to swab the nasal cavity or back of the throat, speeding up test prep and improving patient comfort.

Spectral Tools for Testing Challenges

Even with the eventual delivery of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, healthcare officials will need to continue screening large numbers of people for the virus. Here are three areas for improvement with existing testing technologies:


Both molecular and antigen diagnostic tests can take up to 30 minutes. Optical solutions from Ocean Insight can help speed up the process to just a few minutes, with SERS and other detection technology that measures even trace levels of the virus.


As testing speed improves and results are provided within seconds, diagnostics manufacturers will develop portable systems for mobile testing in clinical facilities and locations such as schools and transportation hubs. Compact, accessible optical sensing technology will be ideal for such systems.


Molecular COVID-19 tests often require a swab from the back of the throat, which is uncomfortable for many subjects. Newer tests can be done using saliva, which is much easier to collect and less invasive for the patient. Typically, these are PCR or Raman-based tests that require spectroscopic detection technology.

Advantages of Optical Sensing Technologies

  • Rapid test results. High-sensitivity optical sensing techniques measure trace levels of virus, achieving faster test results with less virus present.
  • Compact, lightweight technology. Our sensing components can be easily integrated into portable test and monitoring kits.
  • Customized to your testing kit requirements. Whether you’re a manufacturer of qPCR instruments or other virus detection systems, we can adjust our modular components to accommodate your needs.
  • Industrial-grade solutions. Simple, smart, robust. Our optical sensing technologies are built to last over a very high number of test cycles, in most any environment.
  • Our technologies make it possible to collect virus samples from saliva instead of the more invasive throat or nasal cavity swab methods.

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