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Product Announcement

Archer OpTx’s PerfectLensTM Diamond Turning

12 Nov 2020

Archer OpTx’s PerfectLensTM Diamond Turning offers ultra-high precision diamond turning capabilities for processing exotic materials with fast tool and 5-axis processing power. Many industries benefit from the higher precision processing of these materials. This is especially true for fast tool processing of ultra-high precision IR, MWIR, LWIR and freeform optics. To compliment freeforms, Archer OpTx provides spherical, aspherical, cylindrical, ellipsoidal, off-axis parabolic, and parabolic using PerfectLensTM Diamond Turning.

Todays’ optical systems demand optics in high volume with high surface quality and low figure error. Much of this precision relies on the PerfectLensTM Diamond Turning technology platform – utilizing the most sophisticated machines, tools and PerfectLensTM machine vision camera systems. Archer OpTx PerfectLensTM fast tool and 5-axis diamond turning technology reduces processing times and increases the ultra-high precision accuracy capabilities; resulting in overall improvement of final products while reducing costs. 

Technical Capabilities:

  • < 300mm OD
  • < 200mm CT
  • < 0.005um PV Surface Irregularity
  • < 1% focal length deviation
  • Ra < 1nm (NiP)

Material Examples:

  • CaF2
  • ZnSe
  • ZnS
  • BaF2
  • Silica
  • Be
  • InSb
  • GaAs
  • LiNb
  • Non-arsenic based Chalcogenide
  • Germanium
  • Non-ferrous Metal
  • Optical Plastics

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