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Product Announcement

NIR Optimised APDs (IAG series)

12 Nov 2020

LASER COMPONENTS designs a wide range of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with market leading performance, optimised for different application requirements.  The extremely sensitive detectors are ideal for low light and high-speed detector requirements.  For near infrared (NIR) applications our IAG series InGaAs (indium-gallium-arsenide) APDs are optimised for detection in the spectral range 1100nm to 1700nm.  Our InGaAs APD design structure includes separate absorption and multiplication regions which ensures maximum sensitivity and low noise.  Our design and manufacturing control minimises surface leakage and enables outstanding signal to noise ratio with avalanche gain of more than 30, which is higher than most other manufacturers.

The IAG series APDs are available with active area diameters of 80µm, 200µm, or 350µm.  Several different package options are available including hermetically sealed TO -cans, ceramic submounts and fibre pigtailed versions.

Other APDs in our range include:

SAE series: silicon epitaxial structure enables fast response time and low noise.

SAR series: silicon reach-through structure with deep absorption region and very low noise

SUR series: silicon epitaxial structure with surface optimised for UV short wavelengths

SAP series: optimised for single photon counting in Geiger mode

SAHA series: silicon, mass production, low cost, low operating voltage

We can also offer APD arrays as well as APD drive electronics and modules for both linear and Geiger mode operation, which provide a simple way to evaluate our APD capability.  Requests for custom variants are also welcome.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/ingaas-apds-1100-1700-nm/

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