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Product Announcement

Heatpoint – Compact Oven for Heating of Nonlinear Crystals

14 Oct 2020

Many of widely used nonlinear crystals are susceptible to ambient humidity. Protective coatings applied to the surfaces of these crystals can only reduce their degradation to some extent. Nonlinear crystals need to be operated at elevated temperatures in order to improve the protection of crystals’ surfaces from degradation.

We present Heatpoint - a compact round oven with a 25 - 70°C temperature tuning range. Temperature of the oven can be easily adjusted by the user with a 0.1°C temperature tuning step.

Heatpoint ovens exhibit precise long-term stability (±0.1°C) and are ideal for keeping nonlinear crystals at their optimal operational temperature, preventing moisture condensation on crystals’ faces. Because of their compact design, Heatpoint ovens can be easily installed into tight spaces. These ovens can be mounted in any standard one-inch optics positioning mount.

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