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Product Announcement

CW Visible Doped Fibre Laser

13 Oct 2020

LASER COMPONENTS offers Lumibird’s CW Visible Fibre Lasers (CVFL series), our frequency converted ytterbium and/or erbium-ytterbium doped fibre lasers designed to provide fixed wavelength outputs from 520nm to 790nm.

We provide 520, 532, 546, 560, 577, 642, 660 and 780nm as standard wavelengths and output power up to 3W.

Whatever the application and environmental conditions, our devices are available in compact and robust OEM modules accessible for easy integration, or as a stand-alone unit directly plug & play. Our optical specifications and performance are available over the entire defined optical spectrum.  Several interfaces are available: RS232, RJ45 and USB.

The design comprises an all-fibre laser cavity emitting in the IR range and a frequency conversion module which converts IR laser to visible laser.

The frequency conversion module is a single pass periodically poled crystal integrated in a dust free mechanical package. This frequency conversion module is very compact and can be placed up to 3 metres away from the laser box.

No active cooling is required for the module. These fibre lasers provide a very reliable and stable solution compared to other DPSS technologies.

Applications include atom cooling, quantum optics, metrology, medical and super-resolution microscopy.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/high-power-fiber-lasers/

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