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Increased throughput for wafer and panel processing: Large-angle uniform line shapers by Holo/Or Ltd.

29 Sep 2020

Holo/Or, the world leader in Diffractive Optical Elements manufacturing, is proud to present its new large angle line shapers.

For many years Holo/Or has been developing customized diffractive beam shaping solutions for industrial high-power laser applications. Recently, many customers have reached out to us for a line shaping solution with wide angle; in order to enable high throughput processing of a large area in laser annealing and lift-off applications.

Using a line-shaped uniform laser beam has clear throughput advantages over step and repeat methods when treating large areas. Integrating Holo/Or’s large line shaper in a single mode laser system enables achieving high peak intensity over a large area by shaping the beam to a narrow, diffraction limited line.

Large line shapers properties:

  1. Line angle > 150 mRad
  2. Diffraction limited line width
  3. Sharp, diffraction limited energy drops at edges
  4. Flat top intensity profile, uniform over the entire line
  5. Wavelength: DUV to NIR
  6. Material: pure Fused Silica with high laser damage threshold coating for demanding applications

For example, using suitable focusing optics and Holo/Or’s line shaper (PT-011) with an EFL=100 mm at 355 nm, one can obtain a line of 17.5mm x 10um.

The basic optical setup with large angle line shapers includes a field corrected focusing lens like an F-Theta lens.  A more advanced optical setup consists of an anamorphic system, with cylindrical lenses and individual focusing for each axis of the line.

Laser applications that will benefit from integrating these line shapers include: annealing, ablation, crystallization, hardening, debonding, and cleaning; in industries such as microelectronics and semiconductors, photovoltaic and displays.

Holo/Or, an Israel-based manufacturer, offers a vast variety of diffractive optics products; including multi-channel beam splitters, beam shapers (Top Hat), homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, and vortex lenses. Customers around the world use our products for applications in medicine, material processing, and measurement solutions.

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