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Product Announcement

The all-in-one light source for bioimaging and characterization of materials

29 Sep 2020

At the turn of the millennium, we developed the SuperK white light laser, and we have been perfecting it ever since. We made it for you, the scientist, who prefers a flexible white light source that works by the flip of a switch. No knowledge of lasers needed.

We believe that our SuperK laser can help you leap forward. Why? Because with a SuperK, you get a versatile, all-in-one light source that makes it easier to get on with your actual work.

Other scientists particularly love these three features of our SuperK lasers:

The incredibly high resolutions

With the SuperK, you get a diffraction-limited light source, which means that you will get the highest possible spatial resolution.

It lets you see and characterize nanoparticles, photonics devices, and 2D materials. Or, if you study fast lifetime phenomena with short process response times, the nano or picosecond pulses – along with the repetition rate adjustment option – helps you study long and short decays.

The tunable broad and bright light

Are you looking for flexibility? Our SuperK laser gives you high brightness anywhere within the range of 390 to 2400 nm – from ultraviolet over visible to near-infrared light.

What do you want to do today? Do you need broadband light? Or a specific wavelength? You decide.

The maintenance-free and easy-to-use design

You can trust a SuperK laser. No need to worry about maintenance or down-time. We designed it for high reliability, a lifetime of thousands of hours, and a low cost of ownership.

It’s ready to get to work when you are!

This fall, we offer great deals on our SuperK lasers.

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