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Product Announcement

Focuslight's New Vsilk

10 Sep 2020

Focuslight has launched a new series of Vsilk "Collimated Light Beam" diode laser modules for hair removal application. The modules are designed with the target of "efficient and reliable" hair removal and "light and unique" product design. The modular design of the Vsilk products is easy for power scale-up and integration and provides end-users with more efficient, more comfortable, and more reliable hair removal experiences.

You can check the video via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kkh6EUzpH2s

By adopting our patented and uniquely designed micro-optics for light collimation, Vsilk modules offer "Collimated light beam" with higher energy density, thus allowing deeper penetration of the skin. Hair removal efficiency can be significantly improved compared to diode laser modules with traditional waveguide design. 

"High peak power, short pulse width" for more comfortable hair removal experience is widely accepted in the industry. Focuslight Vsilk modules are designed with this concept for optimal hair removal experience. With a short pulse width of 10 to 30ms, high energy density can reach the hair follicles and destroy the hair follicles with a burst, making the treatment more comfortable. 

Vsilk products provide customers with a warranty of unlimited pulses within two years. IP65 dustproof and waterproof design are available for Vsilk 600 and Vsilk 1200 products for more reliable hair removal applications. 

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