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Product Announcement

Focuslight 300mm * 300mm Micro-Optics Wafer

10 Sep 2020

Focuslight's micro-optics technology can achieve two-dimensional degrees of freedom of micro and nanoscale structures on any glass material. It could also achieve fast axis and slow axis collimation, beam coupling, beam homogenization, beam diffusion, transformation between different forms of beams, the output of various spot shapes, and field of view of any geometric size.

You can check the video via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cEz3JASY2A

Focuslight's fifth-generation micro-optical wafer processing technology can achieve a maximum of 300mm * 300mm glass micro-optical wafer at one time. Twenty-five thousand standard-size high-accuracy FAC lenses can be made from just one of these wafers. As shown in the video, different micro-optical structures can be manufactured on the same wafer. In the same processing time, the advances in production technology have increased the output significantly, and also cut the production cost considerably, enabling high-precision glass laser optics to be available for large-scale applications in price-sensitive areas.

Compared with plastic materials, glass materials have a higher laser damage threshold, deliver long-term stability while performing consistently over temperature, time, UV, and other environmental conditions. Compared with other diffractive optical elements (DOE), Focuslight's refracting optical elements (ROE) have no zero-order diffraction effect, and the utilization rate of light energy reaches more than 90%.

Focuslight's micro-optic products include FAC (lens/array), SAC (lens/array), homogenizers, diffusers, collimators, BTS, etc., are widely used in 3D sensing, material processing, immersion lithography, flexible display manufacturing, LiDAR, and other fields.

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