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Product Announcement

Compact Motorized Laser Power Attenuators

26 Aug 2020

EKSMA Optics introduces a new series of motorized laser power attenuators with high LIDT optics and precision opto-mechanics put together into a compact housing. Attenuators demonstrate reliable performance even when used with high power lasers in industrial applications.

Robust housing protects internal optics and ensures stable operation by eliminating perturbations of the laser beam due to ambient air conditions. Small size of these attenuators makes them easy to integrate and use in different laser systems.

We offer standard models for operation at the most common laser wavelengths from 257 nm to 1064 nm. Custom attenuators can be designed for other wavelengths in the UV, visible or NIR spectral ranges.


  • Complete solution – includes controller, software, power supply and USB cable
  • High LIDT: up to 10 J/cm2 at 10 ns, 1064 nm
  • Large clear aperture – ø18 mm
  • High resolution – 0.005 % / 0.002 deg
  • Attenuation level controlled by the software in 0.1 – 97 % range

Learn more about the new EKSMA Optics compact motorized laser power attenuators or take a look at the range of other manual and motorized variable attenuators we have to offer.

EKSMA Optics team is ready to help you choose the right product or design the best customized solution for your ultrafast laser application. Contact us with your requirements.

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