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Ultra Low-Profile Retroreflectors™ (ULPR™)

25 Aug 2020

LASER COMPONENTS’ partner PLX Inc continue to push retroreflector performance boundaries with the release of their new product series Ultra Low-Profile Retroreflectors™ (ULPR™).  The sleek and ultra-compact design of the ULPR™ series is up to 36% lighter than other similarly sized options making it the ideal retroreflector for applications with strict requirements on size and weight.  The retroreflector’s round shape makes it ideal for mounting on to bores or standard optical bench lens and mirror holders.

The ULPR™ series exhibits the same market leading optical properties as other PLX retroreflector series, and are extremely stable across varying temperatures, vibration levels and shock conditions.

There are numerous coating options to maximise performance over a spectral range from the UV to the far IR, and are available in standard sizes of 12.7mm to 125mm.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/retroreflectors-for-high-power-applications/

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