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Android-based UV Radiometer SXL 55 - measuring device for UV irradiance

22 Jul 2020

The SXL55 UV Radiometer is a portable radiometer for diverse applications in UV detection.  

It consists of:

  • a calibrated, high dose resistant SiC UV sensor probe,
  • Android radiometer app,
  • a smartphone which serves as a display unit.

The calibrated sensor module can house a wide range of sglux sensors to meet your measurement needs; these are available upon request. This flexible configuration allows you to choose:

  • the type of housing (typically the sglux UV-Surface, see other available configurations in our catalog)
  • the desired measurement range (multiple orders of magnitude)
  • spectral responsivity (Broadband UV, UVC, UVB/Erythemal, UVA, Blue, UV+VIS)

The SXL-55 radiometer app offers two different display screens:

  • The standard view displays the irradiance as well as the source data.
  • The advanced view offers the opportunity to display further information and to select other measurement options (e.g. perform dose measurement, sensor temperature).

The SXL55 is extremely flexible; it can distinguish up to 5 different calibrations (stored in the sensor probe) and recognize them autonomously using the preinstalled sglux radiometer app.

There are available other portable Android phone-based radiometers including:

  • The Safester UVC - The Safester UVC is a mobile instrument to detect harmful UVC radiation in laboratories and workplaces, specifically low pressure UVC tubes. The instrument measures and displays the maximum time a person can be exposed to a given UVC irradiation anticipating that this irradiation will not change over time.
  • The Safester UVI – The Safester UVI is a mobile instrument for measuring the UV-Index. It is used for displaying the measured UV Index value and the appropriate protection measures which should be implemented as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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