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Product Announcement

Optical Filters for Flow Cytometry

20 Apr 2020

LASER COMPONENTS offers optical filters tailored for flow cytometry applications from partners Omega Optical.  Modern multicolour flow cytometers can simultaneously measure up to 20 distinct fluorophores, putting high demand on the interference filters used to collect and differentiate the signals.  Filter sets generally consist of a series of emission filters and dichroic mirrors designed to propagate the scattered excitation light and fluorescence signal through the system optics and to the detectors.

Our standard range of excitation filters cover a large number of fluorophores and are manufactured to fit in all commercially available flow cytometry instruments.  Dichroic filters feature vert steep cut-on edges needed to split off fluorescent signals that are in close spectral proximity.  Reflection and transmission ranges may be specified and customised for multichannel systems.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/components-for-fluorescence-measurements/

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