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Product Announcement

High Efficiency, High Performance, and High Volume Diffraction Gratings

19 Mar 2020

Optometrics, a Dynasil Company, designs and manufactures a broad selection of diffraction gratings for defense, security, industrial, academic, and research applications.

We are one of the few companies that produces both mechanically-ruled and holographically-recorded master gratings in-house to support the product development and meet the high-volume needs of OEM’s globally. Additionally, we offer full replication facilities and an inventory of more than 400 standard replication masters for fast production and delivery of many common designs. An overview of our gratings offerings and capabilities appears below.

Visit our website for full specifications including efficiency curves for our off-the-shelf gratings or contact us with your custom requirements for a quote.

Holographic Gratings Ruled Gratings Filtered Gratings
Original and replicated gratings for use in spectrometers and monochromators. Produced optically so groove form and spacing are perfectly consistent, generating less stray light than ruled gratings Original and replicated ruled gratings for use in spectrometers and monochromators. Produced mechanically with a ruling engine to your exact specs. Ruled gratings tend to have higher peak efficiency than holographic gratings. Our patented process integrates a spectral filtering component within the grating construction to enable a high level of control over the desired wavelength bands and to maximize spectral dynamic range
Transmission Gratings Infrared Gratings Echelle Gratings

We stock a broad array of standard transmission gratings for fixed grating applications requiring optimum performance in the UV, VIS, and NIR spectrums.

Also known as molecular laser (ML) gratings, these are available as original rulings or replicas and used to tune high and low power lasers Designed for use in high orders, Echelle gratings require a second grating or prism to separate the overlapping orders. Ideal for high-resolutions spectroscopy due to high blaze angles

Our facilities:

Optometrics includes more than 15,000 ft2 of ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified space across two locations in Massachusetts, USA. Combined with an experienced team committed to continuous improvement and lean manufacturing processes, Optometrics produces more than 500,000 precision replicated optics annually. We also house ISO 5 (Class 100) clean space for opto-mechanical assembly operations.


Delivering spectrally-precise products that meet our customers’ most demanding application requirements is paramount. We maintain a full complement of advanced metrology tools that includes an atomic force microscope, an automated CARY 7000 spectrophotometer, Frontier Optica FTIR Spectrometer, ZYGO Interferometer, and several additional precision quantification systems for quality monitoring and process investigation.

OEM Services

Optometrics caters to the needs of its OEM customers by offering services including:

• Kanban stocking arrangements

• Custom packaging programs

• Bar coding capabilities

• Code names for complete confidentiality

• Higher level pre-aligned optical assemblies

Next Steps:

• Learn more in our Definitive Guide to Diffraction Gratings

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