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3D Dental Laser Printer by Laser Photonics

07 Jan 2020

The 3DF-120D Fusion Laser Metal Printing System is designed specifically for the dental industry to accommodate the price/performance requirements of the dental labs.

The development of this new generation of affordable  3D Laser Dental Metal Printer provides a small footprint in a cost-effective way to produce high-quality individual designs.

Early 3D adopters of Laser Metal Printing for medical orthopedics benefit significantly from the ability of 3D Laser Metal Printing to manufacture complex geometries and structures with high-grade NANO powders such as titanium. From patient-specific implants to ultimately, volume production of orthopedic implants featuring hybrid structures and textures; 3D Laser Metal Printing has the potential to unlock manufacturing capabilities that combine free-form shapes and intricate lattice structures that improve Osseo-integration, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced operating time-tables.

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