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Product Announcement

Knight Optical’s Germanium Windows for Gas Detection

07 Jan 2020

Highly sought-after and known for their optimum IR transmitting abilities, our Germanium Windows are often specified for gas detection applications. Thanks to Germanium’s exceptional transmission at over 45% between 2-14µm and up to 45°C temperatures, our Windows are ideally suited to identifying gas wavelengths across the whole spectrum.

High in quality and precision, our extensive stock range of Germanium Windows are DLC/AR (Diamond-Like Carbon/Anti-Reflective) coated for 7-12µm and are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and tolerances for next-day dispatch. Alternatively, for devices requiring custom-tailored Germanium Windows, our team of Technical Sales Advisors can work alongside you to manufacture project-specific, customised Germanium Windows for a seamless fit. This service enables you to specify the exact requirements sought by your project, including size, thickness, tolerance, optical coatings and more.

Knight Optical also provides alternative optical components used in Gas Detection Systems; such as Interference Bandpass Filters, Front Surface Mirrors, Gas Cells and Singlet Lenses and Windows made from Germanium (Ge), Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), Silicon (Si), Quartz/Fused Silica, Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) or Sapphire (Al2O3).

Typical specifications:

Diameter range: Less than 5mm to 300mm

Diameter tolerance: Better than ± 0.1mm

Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2mm

Clear aperture: 90%

Centration tolerance: Better than 1 arcminute

Form error: Better than 0.5 wave (633nm) over aperture

Surface radius tolerance: Less than 1 fringe over aperture

Surface quality:

Coating: AR/DLC (Anti-Reflective/Diamond-Like Carbon @1-14μm).

Quality you can rely on:

Quality is at the core of Knight Optical, and to ensure you profit from high-precision optics, we take the utmost care to ensure every component accurately meets your specifications. Offering unparalleled service, Knight Optical undertakes a full inspection of your optics from our ISO 9001:2015-certified, state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory, followed by a meticulous visual examination by our dedicated QA department.

To discover how we can enhance your supply chain experience and to learn more about our stock and custom-made Germanium Windows, contact a member of our technical sales team today.

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