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H0-Series - Configured with a Silicon or InGaAs APD

05 Nov 2019

The characteristics of an APD are often restricted by the transimpedance amplifier which needs to be chosen in such a way that the S/N ratio is optimised. LASER COMPONENTS can offer its customers a complete solution with the preamplifier matched to the APD. From our development and manufacturing facility in Tempe we supply customers worldwide with our H series detectors.

The H0 series can be configured with either a Silicon or InGaAs APD and is housed in a hermetically sealed, modified 5 pin TO-46 package which contains the optimised low noise hybrid preamplifier.

The Silicon APD chips have an active element diameters of 500 and 1500 microns covering the wavelength range 400-1100nm and offer bandwidths up to 20MHz and a single ended output, the peak sensitivity of the device is at 890nm. The internal electric field within the APD generates a large photocurrent and this combined with the performance of the amplifier generates a large responsivity, typically 3MV/W at 890nm.

The devices are used extensively in laser range finding, LiDAR and medical applications.

More Information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/apd-receivers/

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