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IA-35-Series - Produced in a Universal TO-46 Style Package

06 Aug 2019

LASER COMPONENTS is an industry leading manufacturer of photovoltaic indium arsenide sensors. From our development and manufacturing facility in Tempe we provide businesses all over the world with these field proven quantum detectors. The semiconductor material absorbs incident IR photons creating electron hole pairs which are swept towards external electrodes by the internal field within the diode. The detectors are operated in the photovoltaic mode which is a good choice in many applications due to large sensitivity, rapid response, low noise and wide dynamic range.

Our IA35 is a heterostructure photodiode on an InAs substrate with a relatively wide response peaking at 2.8 microns. The wavelength range goes out to 3.5 microns, 20% cut off. The characteristic of the spectral response can be seen in the image shown. The IA35 has a 0.5mm diameter active area and is designed specifically for uncooled operation. Compared to traditional InAs products, the IA35 offers twice the shunt resistance, 700 Ohms, with an area that is four times larger.

The IA35 is produced in a universal TO-46 style package, and sealed with a sapphire window. These detectors have long expected lifetimes making them ideal for fit and forget applications such as gas identification, non-contact temperature measurement, diode laser characterisation and spectrophotometry.

More Information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/inas-900-3500-nm/

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