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Powerful alignment laser system to perform accurate measurements over distances of up to 100 metres.

22 Jul 2019

Lasers are widely used for alignment applications in workshops and factories. The range of outputs such as dot, line and cross together with a choice of beam colour cater for a very diverse range of alignment possibilities. Applications can be found in an extensive range of industries including electronics, medical, metal working, wood working, the paper industry as well as with stone, glass and ceramics.

However these alignment lasers are limited to alignment over a distance of only several meters. There are applications in shipbuilding, aircraft construction and the vehicle manufacturing industry, which require alignment over much longer distances. For such applications Scitec Instruments offers the OT-4040 alignment laser system from On-Trak Photonics.

The OT-4040 alignment laser system is a powerful way to perform accurate alignment measurements over distances of up to 100 metres. It enables measurement of X-Y deviation in real-time at any point on a visible laser reference line. A "transparent" measurement target can be inserted into any standard NAS tooling sphere along the reference line, and a reading taken with the attached central processing unit. The OT-4040 is widely used by aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders, and the automotive industry.

On-Trak Photonics' laser alignment technology has long been used in Boeing's aircraft manufacturing process, in applications such as wing assembly, fuselage assembly, stow bin alignment, hinge alignment and seat track alignment. Another example of its application is in the alignment of the shafts and struts that make up the propeller system of aircraft carriers for the United States Navy. Each of the shafts that drive a carrier's propellers has to be supported on struts and must be aligned absolutely precisely to allow the power of the massive engines to be transferred to the propellers without vibration. Without proper alignment, there would be excessive vibration, eventually leading to engine damage and failure, as well as inefficient working of the engines.

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