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Product Announcement

Discover Your New PerfectLens™- Ultra-high Precision Molded Glass Aspheres:

12 Jul 2019

Archer OpTx molded lenses are produced using the PerfectLens™ technology platform. This proprietary technology produces high-yield long-life molds, which are free of the high-frequency surface defects commonly found on many molded lenses due to single-point diamond turning of the molds. These high-frequency defects do not typically show up on interferograms, but can produce troublesome diffraction and scatter effects, particularly in visible light applications.

PerfectLens™ molds support a wide range of optical glass, providing the lens designer with the freedom to select the glass that is best suited to the application.

The PerfectLens™ process for ultra-precision glass molding enables extremely tight tolerancing with high temperature/low CTE RoHS compliant glass. The benefits to you are: unmatched optical performance, reduced labor cost for incoming QA and production, and a more consistent final product.

In addition to our catalog molded aspheric lenses, Archer OpTx has the capability to fabricate custom molded aspheric lenses using the PerfectLens™ process to meet specific customer requirements. Our team of experts can provide optical design assistance to maximize the performance of custom applications.

Catalog lenses may be edged to smaller diameters, squared, sliced, or mounted in holders on a special order basis. A, B, and C BBAR, VAR and SLAR coatings are available on a standard/custom basis.

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