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Dyesol Partners with Tata Steel to Produce World’s Largest Dye-Sensitized Solar Module [corrected]*

Date Announced: 14 Jun 2011

Joint research with steel giant yields unprecedented result.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dyesol (OTCBB: DYSOY), a global supplier of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) technology, announced its joint research effort with Tata Steel created the world’s largest DSC module. This advancement showcases Dyesol’s DSC research leadership and brings the companies closer to offering photovoltaic building materials to the world via Tata Steel’s unmatched global distribution.

“This marks a milestone as Dyesol brings solar generation into the $400B global building envelope market,” said Marc Thomas, chief executive officer of Dyesol Inc. and general manager of Dyesol’s Global Glass Business. “This project represents a significant transformational step from prototyping one-off devices to a continuous production process.”

The module, created at Dyesol and Tata Steel’s joint research site in Wales, measures ten feet by one foot*. The two companies recently announced they will increase staff to 50 from 30 at the research center.

DSC represents the emerging third generation of solar technology. With lower material cost to manufacture and better energy yield in low and diffuse light conditions, DSC promises to make solar generation ubiquitous by incorporating generation into building, auto and industrial materials. The technology can be incorporated into roofs, facades, and window products, eliminating the need to add additional surface area for solar generation. Due to its ability to capture diffuse light, DSC can be used on all sides of a building to generate power. The company is focused on supporting its global partnerships with top tier corporations in the roof, façade and window markets.

* previously read ten feet by 'three feet'.

Source: DyeSol


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