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Cameras, Lighting, Software and 3D-Vision: Basler Delivers Many Innovations at VISION 2022

Date Announced: 16 Aug 2022

Cameras, Lighting, Software and 3D-Vision: Basler Delivers Many Innovations at VISION 2022
The new Basler lighting portfolio will be presented at VISION 2022.
Ahrensburg, Germany -- "Accelerate your Vision" - this is the driving motto for Basler AG’s comprehensive range of computer vision solutions on display at VISION in Stuttgart from October 4 - 6. Key camera products include Basler's new ace 2 with 5GigE, new SWIR, thermal and 3D cameras, as well as roughly 200 new lighting components. The software presentation will focus on image processing modules: pylon vTools.

Basler Highlights at Vision 2022

  • Ace 2 cameras featuring 5GigE: In addition to their high speed, these cameras are characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio and easy integration. The camera's proven form factor and coordinated software ensure customers can upgrade their vision system with minimal effort to achieve enhanced performance.
  • Pylon vTools: these software modules enable customers to quickly and easily use complex, powerful image processing functions for their applications. pylon vTools gives users the flexibility to design, test, and integrate functions like intelligent structure recognition, precise object positioning, or robust code recognition. This can be accomplished alongside camera control and image acquisition thanks to Basler’s perfectly matched product portfolio.
  • New SWIR and thermal cameras: SWIR cameras operate beyond the visible spectrum, enabling simple and cost-effective infrared detection for industrial applications. Examples include detecting hidden structures in test specimens or measuring water and sugar content.
  • 200 new lighting products: these high-quality components are designed and tested for industrial use, ensuring easy integration and compatibility with all other Basler components.
  • 3D camera portfolio: Basler's industry-proven 3D camera portfolio features Time-of-Flight and Stereovision technology for precise 3D vision.

René von Fintel, Director of Products Business Management at Basler, sees the company's strategic reorientation reflected at the Basler booth: "This year we are taking another big step toward becoming a complete vision product supplier. This includes both the innovative expansion of our camera portfolio - such as the new 5GigE ace 2 cameras and Basler’s thermal and SWIR cameras – as well as the addition of lighting components and image processing tools in our pylon software."

Basler will illustrate product performance in several live demonstrations at the booth, including a demo on vision-guided robotics showing pick-and-place, measurement, and barcode reading. The company will also present a wafer inspection system developed in collaboration with NXP®. Here, visitors can simulate defects on a wafer which are detected by a vision system using AI and Deep Learning.

Basler at Vision 2022: Hall 8 Booth D50


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