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Eulitha and VDL agree to intensify cooperation on photolithography equipment manufacturing

Date Announced: 02 Sep 2021

  • On engineering, industrialization & manufacturing of subsystems for the PHABLETM brand photolithography equipment of Eulitha
  • To serve growing needs of the photonics industry in markets including AR/VR, telecom and optoelectronics.

Kirchdorf, Switzerland -- Eulitha AG, a leading photolithography equipment and services provider for the photonics market, and VDL ETG, a global tier 1 contract manufacturer for the semiconductor and other advanced technology markets, announced today that they will intensify their cooperation in manufacturing of photolithography equipment for the photonics market.

Close cooperation between experienced engineering teams of both firms has already shown remarkable results in advancing the cutting-edge technical solutions of Eulitha's PHABLE™ platform. The cooperation aims especially at further development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art tools for high volume manufacturing of photonic components such as AR/VR waveguides.

Eulitha’s manufacturing solutions are based on its unique noncontact exposure technology for printing high-resolution periodic structures. Eulitha has been marketing its PhableR and PhableX brand tools for low-volume and high-volume manufacturing applications, respectively.

The intensified cooperation will provide Eulitha expanded access to VDL ETG’s vast engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities. The joint effort will position VDL for broadening of its engineering and manufacturing services into novel and rapidly growing photonics markets as e.g., AR/VR.

Harun Solak, CEO of Eulitha said, “Our cooperation with VDL ETG teams has been constantly growing in the last years thanks to the positive collaboration culture at all levels and the success of the resulting products. We look forward to building on this successful relation to bring Eulitha’s products to a new level meeting our customers’ needs for increasingly sophisticated and effective manufacturing tools for the photonics products of tomorrow.”

Geert Jakobs, CEO of VDL ETG commented, “As contract manufacturer with development capabilities, VDL ETG strongly believes in cooperation from early-on in the product development phase up until volume production to get the best overall results. Therefore, working with a company like Eulitha on novel technology and state-of-the-art equipment is exciting for VDL ETG. Our experience and global footprint will support Eulitha in its go-to-market challenge. We like to be the industrial partner to build up-on.”

About Eulitha

Eulitha provides photolithography equipment and services especially for applications in photonics and optoelectronics. It has a globally installed base of exposure tools being used for production of diverse products such as AR/VR waveguides, telecom gratings or DFB lasers. Its proprietary technology enables printing sub-micron periodic patterns in a non-contact, low-cost setup with high quality and reproducibility. For more information, please visit www.eulitha.com


VDL ETG is a tier 1 contract manufacturer who also provides development and engineering services to semiconductor equipment and other capital-intensive industries. It leverages knowledge and know-how as being built up over the past 50 years and still being expanded, comprising development and manufacturing of high-end equipment and equipment modules for a wide variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). VDL ETG is familiar with specific constraints that apply to the development and manufacturing of such equipment, such as low particle and molecular contamination, the use of special materials that support ultra-high vacuum environments and/or good thermal conductivity, and high-performance structural dynamics. For more information, please visit www.vdletg.com


Eulitha AG

Vitaliy Vovk, Director of Business Development

Tel: +41 56 281 21 52

E-mail: vitaliy.vovk@eulitha.com



Hans Priem, Business Manager

Tel: +31 653 126 709

E-mail: hans.priem@vdletg.com

E-mail: eulitha.com

Web Site: vdletg.com

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