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Market research study on nanoscale quantum optics published

Date Announced: 04 Apr 2019

Brussels, Belgium – In the framework of the COST Action "Nanoscale Quantum Optics" a Market Research Study on Nanoscale Quantum Optics has now been finalized and published. It will be presented on 04 April 2019 in Brussels.

The aim of the COST Action has been to support and coordinate research activities in nanoscale quantum optics, explore innovative approaches by identifying, establishing and exploiting cross-links between quantum science & technology, nanoscale optics & photonics and materials science, and facilitate the early-involvement of end-users.

The Nanoscale Quantum Optics market research study presents the innovation potential of the field in terms of application opportunities and markets. It focuses on the selected topics quantum communication, quantum key distribution, quantum random number generator, quantum sensing, atomic sensors as well as sensors based on nitrogen vacancy centers.

Interested parties can download the market research study.

You can also download the executive summary.

Market research report – Conclusions

For the market in 5 years (2023), the main trends are the following:

  • Atomic clocks will still represent the biggest market share.
  • Sensing and imaging will account for about €60 million with the most part coming from Nanoscale Quantum Optics (NV centres and atom chips).
  • Telecom market will be < €50 million.

It is possible to give some insights for the market in 10 years (2028):

  • Sensing and imaging will account for around €200 million with the most part for magnetometers.
  • Telecom market will be around €300 million.

The total accumulated market will account for about €7 billion for the next 10 years. The associated systems and services will represent around 10 times this amount.




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