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TOPTICA presents its Prism Award-winning laser technology at Photonics West

Date Announced: 13 Feb 2019

Pictured right, Prism Award winner Toptica Photonics’ CEO Wilhelm Kaenders. The company's new DLC TOPO builds on years of company innovation to deliver wide tunability, narrow linewidth output, and hands-free digital control over the 1.45μm to 4.00μm spectral range.

Toptica Photonics demonstrated its latest innovations for industrial metrology and quantum technology at Photonics West, at the Moscone Center San Francisco beteen February 5-7. Dedicated laser solutions for biophotonics were showcased at the BIOS Expo February 2-3.

The FemtoFiber Ultra 920 is the new member of Toptica's third generation ultrafast fiber lasers for spectroscopy and microscopy. The system delivers laser pulses with a pulse duration of less than 100 fs at a central wavelength of 920 nm with more than 1 W of average output power.

The cost-effective and maintenance-free design of the laser is optimized for OEM integration featuring a compact and cold laser head that is connected to a 19" rackmount control and supply unit.

Award winner

For molecular spectroscopy and quantum optics, Toptica's new and powerful DLC TOPO - one of the Prism Awards 2019 winners - delivers wide tunability, narrow linewidth, and convenient hands-free digital control over the full 1.45 to 4.00 µm spectral range.

A wide mode-hop free tuning range up to 300 GHz enables visibility of full spectroscopic signatures, while a 2 MHz linewidth reveals narrow atomic and molecular features.

"Toptica is very excited to have won a Prism Award for the first time. Our goal is to commercialize technology with the user in mind. The DLC TOPO is just one recent example where our team brings this user focus and innovation to the market," said Mark A. Tolbert, President, Toptica Photonics.

Advanced FDDL technology enables unique performance for confocal and general fluorescence microscopy. The new Toptica iChrome CLE-50 - a compact laser engine - combines four laser lines in one box.

It is available with 405, 488, 561, and 640 nm and an output power of more than 50 mW for each color guaranteed after the fiber. The system stands out due to a plug & play installation since it includes Toptica's proprietary COOLAC automatic alignment technology, making the laser combiner system ready-to-use after one simple click of a button.

Diode lasers

With the growing interest in augmented reality displays using holographic optical elements, Toptica's UV/RGB high-power single-frequency diode lasers are ideal laser sources for a multitude of demanding applications, including lithography, optics test & inspection and holography.

Top sellers include e.g. 266, 405, 460, 530, and 640 nm at up to 1000 mW output power and coherence length of > 100 m (< 1 MHz linewidth).

The new time-domain terahertz platform TeraFlash smart sets new standards in terms of measurement speed: The system replaces the mechanical delay of conventional TD-THz systems with two synchronized femtosecond lasers and an electronic scanning scheme ("ECOPS", a proprietary technique originally developed by TOPTICA Photonics).

The TeraFlash smart attains scanning speeds up to 1600 pulse traces/sec, and therefore lends itself to measurements on rapidly moving samples, such as conveyor belts, papermaking machines, or extrusion lines. Both transmission and reflection measurements are possible. The latter option being particularly attractive for high-speed layer-thickness measurements.

Toptica presents tunable diode lasers for applied quantum technology: The multi diode laser MDL pro combines up to four tunable narrow-linewidth lasers in one compact standard 19-inch sub-rack.

By operating external cavity and distributed feedback diode lasers in racks eliminates the need for optical tables and achieves a higher level of integration. The laser modules of the MDL pro are operated with Toptica's digital laser controller DLC pro. Based on its digital architecture, it combines unique user convenience with unprecedented performance.

Frequency Comb

Compact, robust, high-end, and convenient, Toptica's Difference Frequency Comb product line is based on difference frequency generation. It is inherently fCEO-stable and is characterized by a high robustness combined with high stability and accuracy. All you need in a small volume, with fully integrated control software for local or remote operation.

Toptica's widely mode-hop-free tunable laser DLC CTL, has a new firmware upgrade that converts it into a valuable and easy-to-use test system. It can record high-resolution spectra with up to 5 million points while tuning up to 110 nm.

The CTL is currently available at wavelengths between 910 and 1630 nm. It features extremely low noise and drift as well as all features of the all-digital DLC pro driving electronics, like touch user interface, remote control and python laser SDK.


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