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Laser 2000's Armin Luft appointed to Germany's Senate of Economy

Date Announced: 26 Jan 2016

Wessling, Germany -- Armin Luft, founder and CEO of Laser 2000 GmbH, has been appointed to the Senate of Economy business group in Bonn. He was appointed on the strength of his 40 years of experience and expertise in the field of photonics.
The Senate of Economy is an association of leading figures in business, science, media, and culture as well as representatives from the fields of politics and diplomacy. This coalition acts as an independent political and economic advisory body.
Luft was appointed because he is a well-known business personality and a pioneer in the field of photonics. The Senate wished to honor Luft’s contributions to German industry and his innovative creative talent. Photonics has become an interdisciplinary field of technology with a bright future ahead of it.
Keeping up with advances in this field will be crucial to ensuring that Germany remains competitive on the international market. All forecasts indicate that photonics will significantly influence the technological and economic landscape of this century, analogous to the way in which electronics shaped the last century.
Luft, who studied electrical engineering and co-initiated the Laser World of Photonics trade fair, will bring his knowledge of photonics to the fore in his capacity as senator. Today, Laser World of Photonics is by far the largest event for the photonics industry worldwide. It is now also held in China and India, thanks to the support of Messe München.
As a member of the Senate, Armin Luft would like to become involved in the conceptual work behind the ongoing development in the field of photonics. Over the past few years, photonics has advanced from a niche technological field to one of Germany’s most important future-oriented industries.
The Senate of Economy works in accordance with John F. Kennedy’s guiding principle: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Politics and politicians draw upon the expertise of companies and executives in the fields of business, science, and other sectors of society.
As a result, the Senate needs to maintain a continuous dialog, based on mutual trust, with political decision makers from various parliaments and governments. The Senate is not in the business of seeking publicity. Its main focus lies on supporting politics by providing impetuses and practical suggestions. Key issues include sustainable economic development, global social equality, and climate justice.
About Senate of Economy
The Senate of Economy consists of individuals from the fields of economics, science and society, who are entirely aware of their responsibility towards state and society.  They are ambassadors of the Senate and through their membership, they contribute to implement the aims of the Senate with respect to political, economic, cultural and media-related decision-makers. More information http://www.senat-deutschland.de/english/
Thereby, the Senate of Economy revives the traditional idea of the Senate in ancient times. A well-balanced circle of friends with an independent mind strove for public good, and not merely personal interests. The ethical principles of the Senate should be a foundation and a guideline for the economic activity of the members of the Senate. Equity and partnership in commercial life, social skills of enterprises and leaders shape the work of the Senate.
About Laser 2000 GmbH
For more than 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied you with solutions matching even your most demanding applications. We cooperate with global leaders to supply "customer-specific solutions from a single source". Photonics is our passion and profession alike. We are avid promoters of optical technologies and are always on the cutting edge of technology, products and application options.
We rely on innovation, highest quality and in particular on the knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm of our employees. An excellent team of university educated physicists and engineers coupled with long experience support you in selecting ideal solutions. Our passion for the fascinating world of photonics is the basis of our thinking and actions. It is also our basis for insuring best customer satisfaction as a leading player on the European market for optical technologies in the photonics century.


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