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EyeVision inspects glass vials for pharmaceutical industries

Date Announced: 26 Jan 2016

The image processing software EyeVision is used for the inspection of glass vials for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the concrete use case a smart camera of the EyeCheck 3xxx series is used, which also includes the EyeVision software. The camera is mounted above the conveyor belt and inspects the constantly moving vials with a speed of about 30 frames per second. With this camera several characteristica are inspected at the same time.

The EyeVision detects scratches and inclusions in the glass. At the same time the software checks if the dot and ring of the vial are in the correct position. And additionally the length and width are measured by the system.

Thanks to the intuitive self-explanatory user interfache of the EyeVision software, the users can create the inspection programs themselfs. The drag-and-drop function offers the user the possibility to create not only easy but also complexe programs, completely without  programming skills.

In this particular use case, the plugIn function of the software was used for the vial inspection command. The plugIn allows the user to create commands and integrate them into the user interface. The command will be available for the user in the software toolbox.


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