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Biophotonic Solutions celebrates Outstanding Ultrafast Research during Photonics West

Date Announced: 30 Jan 2013

East Lansing, MI, January 30, 2013: During the upcoming Photonics West Conference in San Francisco, CA, Biophotonic Solutions, Inc. (BSI) will hold the “Applications of Adaptive Optics in Ultrafast Research” reception to present awards for advances in Attosecond Science, Nonlinear Microscopy, and Micromachining using MIIPS®-optimized ultrashort pulses.

Awards will be presented by BSI to the following researchers:

Dr. Jan Rothhardt, Helmholtz Inst. Jena & Inst. of Applied Physics, Germany “Pulse shaping in high peak power fiber lasers: theory, experiments and application to HHG generation”

Prof. Georgios Alexandrakis, University of Texas at Arlington, USA “Towards two-photon raster image cross-correlation spectroscopy (RICCS) with a supercontinuum light source and pulse phase control”

Two additional awards will be announced during the event. Presentations will be made by each awardee, along with a brief talk on “Intensity dependent GVD of optical media and its measurement by single-shot MIIPS”, a process that explains why femtosecond lasers are ‘temperamental’, and why static optics need daily adjustment.

The evening will highlight how adaptive pulse compression and optimization of ultrashort pulses impacts active areas of research in life sciences, physics, and material sciences, with important implications for future commercial products.

The event will take place on Tuesday, February 5th at 7:30PM at the W Hotel. For more information about this event, BSI’s presence at Photonics West (including BiOS), and BSI’s product portfolio please see http://www.biophotonicsolutions.com/.

About Biophotonic Solutions: Biophotonic Solutions, Inc. (BSI; http://www.biophotonicsolutions.com/) is the world leader in automated, adaptive femtosecond laser pulse compression and shaping. BSI’s mission is to make ultrafast laser applications practical by eliminating the need for manual adjustment of fixed optics, and to thus realize the benefit ultrafast lasers can provide society. BSI’s products, based on exclusively licensed technology, unlock the latent power of ultrafast lasers for industrial, scientific, medical, and defense applications.


Contact: Marcos Dantus

President and CEO

E-mail: dantus@biophotonicsolutions.com

Web Site: www.biophotonicsolutions.com

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