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05 Jun 24
Lithography-free method yields durable antireflective glass

AR performance achieved by nano-structured surface using thermally dewetted silver.

05 Jun 24
Coherent appoints Silicon Valley executive as new CEO

Jim Anderson brings experience from Intel, Broadcom, AMD, and most recently Lattice Semiconductor to the photonics company.

05 Jun 24
Fraunhofer ISE produces TOPCon solar cell with 24% efficiency

...and JinkoSolar’s tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell achieves 33.2%.

05 Jun 24
MIT controls muscles with optogenetics

Optical method could be better than electrical stimulation for treatment after paralysis.

05 Jun 24
Xcimer lands $100M to build fusion energy prototype

New facility in Denver to feature world’s largest nonlinear optical pulse compression system.

04 Jun 24
NASA astrophysics: new discoveries create new questions

Mark Clampin of NASA to discusses the future of astrophysics at NASA at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation in Yokohama, next week.

04 Jun 24
ASML and imec open high-NA EUV lithography lab

Facility at ASML's Veldhoven headquarters offers access to the first prototype high-NA EUV scanner.

04 Jun 24
Camera inspired by avian eye improves multispectral imaging

IBS South Korea develops new type of device that specializes in object detection.

03 Jun 24
CEA-Leti claims ‘breakthrough’ for 3-layer integration in AI-embedded image sensors

IEEE Denver conference hears of feasibility of combining hybrid bonding and high-density through-silicon vias.

31 May 24
BAE Systems to build hyperspectral ocean imager

The defense contractor will deliver all three hyperspectral instruments for NOAA's forthcoming geostationary constellation.

31 May 24
Webb team spots most distant galaxy

NIRSpec instrument shows record-breaking red-shift of starlight, corresponding to 290 million years after the Big Bang.

30 May 24
Photonic and Microsoft demonstrate inter-module entanglement

Development using silicon photonics is said to satisfy the first requirement of long-distance quantum communication.

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