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08 Oct 12
NIF responds to fusion 'deadline' expiry

Ignition research continues at the giant laser facility, but the end of the calendar year looks like a more significant date than that set by Congress.

28 Sep 12
CPV team claims German Environmental Award

Fraunhofer ISE’s Andreas Bett and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller from Soitec Solar share €500,000 prize.

26 Sep 12
Microscopy expo draws thousands

European Microscopy Congress 2012 showcases booming electron, optical, scanning sector

25 Sep 12
ChemCam: under the hood

Developing a LIBS instrument to operate on Mars presented significant technical challenges.

19 Sep 12
EC approves funding for giant Romanian laser

Second pillar of pan-European Extreme Light Infrastructure project to receive €180 M in structural funds.

17 Sep 12
Sony’s diode lasers claim 2012 Leibinger prize

Mass production of laser diodes and backwards–compatible optical data storage recognized with biennial Zukunftspreis.

13 Sep 12
Charles Townes, optics and the "Golden Goose"

As photonics leaders in the US put their case for funding research to politicians, the laser pioneer picks up Washington’s new award.

12 Sep 12
Prism Awards: get those entries in

The deadline for the 2012-2013 Prism Awards expires at end of September.

21 Aug 12
Photonics workers: happy; wealthy(ish); ambitious

Survey of more than 7500 people working in photonics suggests that nearly nine in ten find their job highly satisfying.

20 Aug 12
Not just a funding agency: 50 years of ESO

European Southern Observatory (ESO) director general Tim de Zeeuw looks back on a half-century of intercontinental astronomical collaboration.

13 Aug 12
National Academy calls for US photonics initiative

Report recommends a coordinated national photonics initiative and demands better economic data to support the case for funding it.

03 Aug 12
Berkeley laser delivers petawatt pulses at 1 Hz

High-power bursts of light from femtosecond system are being honed for new compact particle accelerators.

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