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Backlit Component Inspection Software: Brightness, Color, and Defect Detection in One

18 Mar 2022

Evaluating backlit components—such as illuminated controls, instrument panels, and LED light strips—requires a unique measurement approach. The quality of an illuminated component is determined as much by its photometric qualities (brightness, color) as it is by the overall integrity of its illuminated regions (correct shape, free from defects). Accurate measurement requires precise registration of icons and shapes, ensuring that only the illuminated region is used to quantify photometric values and that defects can be detected. While photometric measurement systems excel at light and color analysis, they have traditionally lacked machine vision functionality that enables consistent registration of unique shapes, as well as overall inspection of shape or text quality.

VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) Software from Radiant Vision Systems leverages photometric principles from the company’s portfolio of light and color measurement solutions to measure absolute values of brightness and color—and adds machine vision registration functionality to perform rapid, automated inspection of backlit icons, text, and shapes. VIP registers illuminated regions in images captured by Radiant’s photometric imaging systems to measure multiple symbols simultaneously, processing data much faster and more accurately than a human inspector or a spot measurement device. VIP also provides quantifiable photometric data correlated to human visual perception that is not measured by traditional machine vision systems.

Key features of VIP Software include:

  • Machine vision inspection capabilities plus advanced photometric measurement
  • Ability to simultaneously inspect the integrity of icons and shapes while measuring absolute brightness and color
  • Accurate symbol registration to define measurement regions and POI positions even if components move or rotate, simplifying component placement and system fixturing
  • Ability to inspect multiple unique regions in a single measurement image

Efficient characterization of components in R&D or automated quality control for a series of components in production.

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