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Optical design and consultancy

Known for their sound advice, our team of highly skilled Technical Sales Advisers are well-versed in optical design and possess the skills to assist with optical-related queries, no matter the complexity.

Our qualified team have the capabilities to:
  • Evaluate your designs tolerance & performance
  • Give help and advice in developing custom optics
  • Ensure your designs offer are feasible and offer great value
  • Create 3D models & drawings
    (All drawings are to ISO standards)

Following production, our in-house Metrology Technicians test your components to ensure they wholly comply with your specifications. Working from our state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory, our well-informed team of Technicians guarantee your optics are on-spec with millimetre-perfect precision. This, combined with our plethora of optical knowledge, ensures that you can rest assured that your component will benefit from a seamless process; right from the manufacturing stage through to delivery.

Optical design

Optical finishing and processing

All our optical components are manufactured to the highest standards possible, and to ensure we meet the requirements sought by your project, we offer a vast range of optical finishing and processing options.

The following services can be provided:

Diamond turningLens polishingPrecision lappingPrecision polishing
Prism grindingCNC grindingCNC dicingWater jet cutting
your materials
Edging (stock windows
& and lenses etc)
Laser cutting
(of plastics)
Laser cutting
Screen printingEtchingSandblastingToughening
Glass blowingCutting serviceDrillingSub-assemblies


Our stock sheet polarisers are offered in CAB-laminated and AR-coated glass-laminated sheet options. With a wide-ranging substrate offer, standard material options include acrylic, polycarbonate and glass.

If you require assistance with lamination, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Technical Sales Team on +44 01622 859444.

Optical Coatings

Optical coatings range from the UV to visible and IR wavelengths, ranging from 185nm in the UV to over 20µm in the IR spectrum

Our Metrology Technicians have the capabilities to perform a range of reflection and transmission measurements, at any requested angle of incidence (AoI). The coatings that can be tested for R/T% values are single and multilayer coatings (both polarising and non-polarising), including broadband, V-coat, polarising, metallic and dielectric.

We stock an extensive selection of anti reflection (AR) and mirror coated custom optics, please see below:

Dielectric-VisibleDielectric (IR (2000nm +)Dielectric-VisibleDielectric-NIR
Dielectric (Large Parts (1000mm)General Purpose (40% Titanium Coated) 
Anti-Reflective coatings
Visible/NIR (Broad Band Multilayer)UV (Multilayer MgF2)Visible (Single layer MgF2)
R 3-5um (Broad Band Multilayer)High Damage Threshold 
Mirror Coatings
UV AluminiumEnhanced AluminiumLarge Parts (1000mm)Visible (Dielectric)
NIR (Dielectric)Silver ProtectedIR 2000nm+ (Dielectric)Gold Protected
Cold MirrorHot MirrorIndium Tin Oxide (ITO)Chromium
Anti-FogLaser ProtectionDichroic Filter (coating only)Hard Carbon
PlatinumSpecialsDiamond like Carbon (DLC) 

Optical sub assembly

As well as our custom-made optical components, we also offer a mounting option, in which your optics can be applied to housings and fixtures to meet the precise needs of your specification.

Our Technical Sales Advisers are on hand should you require guidance on optical sub-assemblies.

If you require an in housing design for your system or a specified part to complete your housing assembly we can help you to find the components to meet your specification.

Optical design
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