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Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co.,Ltd (ICC)
We growth infrared material, and also work as a dealer for other material made by our partners.

We can supply raw rod, cut disc, grinding blanks, and unpolished with radius shape lenses.

Silicon material
Wavelength:1.5-6.0um (T>52%@3-5um)
Performance: 99.99% ; Cz / Fz; <100> / <111>; N / P type
Attention:mirror grade R<0.1ohm, optical grade R>20ohm for P type
Size:diameter 5.0 to 300.0mm
CaF2 material
Wavelength:0.19-9.0um (T>90%@0.3-0.7um, 3.0mmthk)
Performance: IR/UV/VUV grade; <111>/<100>
Attention:mono crystal less than 200mm
Size:diameter 5.0mm to 230mm
BaF2 material
Wavelength:0.15-12.5um (T>90%@0.35~10.0um, 3.0mmthk)
Performance: IR/UV grade, <111> / <100>
Attention:mono crystal less than 200.00
Size:diameter 5.0mm to 230.0mm
MgF2 material
Performance: <111> / <100>, IR/UV/VUV grade
Size:diameter 5.0mm to 120.0mm
Ge material
Wavelength: 0.25~16um
Performance: 99.9999%, <111>, 5-40ohm or 7-12ohm
Attention:lenses shape, prism shape
Size:diameter 5.0mm to 120.0mm
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