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Advanced laser power attenuators LPA-A

13 Mar 2024

Advanced laser power attenuator LPA-A is a compact motorized device for laser power control with an integrated controller and absolute encoder. The LPA-A is produced in the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges, from 250 nm to 2000 nm.

This device is combined with a unique mechanical design which ensures repeatability and high stability of performance.

All-optical components of the LPA-A are made for high LIDT and provide a stable and reliable performance even when using them with high power lasers in industrial applications.
A secondary laser beam from the laser power attenuator unit can be rejected to an external beam dump. The beam dump is used for avoiding any thermal effects or stress in the housing of the LPA-A device.

Main features

  • Integrated controller
  • Absolute encoder - no homing required
  • High accuracy - ±0,004 deg (less than ± 0,01 % of laser power)
  • Resolution - 0,002 deg, 7,4 arcsec, 0,035 mrad
  • Fast adjustment - less than 0,2 sec (min to max)
  • High damage threshold: up to 10J/cm2 (10 ns @ 1064 nm)
  • Adjustable polarizer angle

Application examples

  • Precise laser micromachining
  • Laser power stabilization 
  • Research

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