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Beam Launchers for Quantum - Customized Beam Shaping and Combination

04 Mar 2024

Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers a new series of beam launchers - customized optical systems - for collimation and combination of fiber-guided radiation from multiple laser systems for 400 nm - 1000 nm. The beam launchers are compact, modular and long-term stable and are ideal for launching tailored laser beams to the desired target. The variety of functions that can be integrated makes them ideal for quantum applications.

The custom design can integrate the following functionalities: superposition of multiple input ports and dichroic beam combination, beam expansion, beam shaping for beams with elliptical cross sections, integrated polarization control using quarter-wave and half-wave plates, polarization definition using post-polarizers, power monitoring, electromagnetic shutters, as well as focus generation using attachment optics for refocusing. 

These customized solutions allow different effective focal lengths for the individual wavelengths while providing a Gaussian intensity profile with excellent wave fronts. The beam launchers can be conveniently flanged to the chamber, and compatibility with the Multicube™ and cage system allows for easy integration into existing systems.

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