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Microscope Objective Lenses

15 Feb 2024

A microscope objective lens produces a real, magnified image of an object placed within the field of view. Before it is observed the image is then magnified again by the ocular lens, also known as the eyepiece. At Avantier, we offer in-stock Microscope Objective Lenses, readily available for immediate use in a variety of applications. If your requirements are unique or specialized, we offer custom solutions for Microscope Objective Lenses.

Avantier is a premier manufacturer of high performance microscope objective lenses, and we produce a wide range of quality microscope objectives for applications ranging from research to industry to forensics and medical diagnostics. We carry may types of objectives in stock, including apochromat objectives, achromatic objectives,  and semi apochromat objectives.  We can also produce custom objectives designed to work as desired in your target spectral range.

Objective Lens Resolution Testing

Custom Microscope Objectives Solutions – UV, NUV, VISIBLE & NIR

Avantier continues to redefine precision microscopy with its cutting-edge NIR, NUV, and UV Infinity Corrected Objectives. Engineered for accuracy and clarity, these objectives elevate research and analysis across near-infrared (NIR), near-ultraviolet (NUV), and ultraviolet (UV) spectra. With advanced optical coatings, aberration correction, and infinity-corrected designs, researchers can explore samples with unmatched clarity and fidelity. These objectives are pivotal for applications ranging from material science to life sciences, enabling scientists to delve deeper into the microscopic world with confidence. Avantier once again proves its commitment to excellence by delivering tools that empower scientific discovery and innovation.

For custom Microscope Objective Lens solutions, visit Custom Microscope Objective Lens.

If you’re interested in acquiring in-stock Microscope Objective Lenses, please visit our ‘Stock – Microscope Objective‘ page. 

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