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1550nm High Peak Power 8-15kW Fiber Laser

22 Nov 2023

This product is developed by Lumispot Tech, and features an optical path design with a MOPA structure, capable of generating ns-level pulse width and peak power of up to 15 kW, with a repetition frequency ranging from 50 kHz to 360 kHz. It exhibits high electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency, low ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission), and nonlinear noise effects, as well as a wide operating temperature range.

Key Features:

Optical Path Design with MOPA Structure: This indicates a sophisticated design in the laser system, where MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) is used. This structure allows for better control of the laser characteristics like power and shape of the pulse.

Ns-level Pulse Width: The laser can generate pulses in the nanosecond (ns) range. This short pulse width is crucial for applications requiring high precision and minimal thermal impact on the target material.

Peak Power up to 15 kW: It can achieve a very high peak power, which is significant for tasks requiring intense energy in a short duration, like cutting or engraving hard materials.

Repetition Frequency from 50 kHz to 360 kHz: This range of repetition frequency implies the laser can fire pulses at a rate between 50,000 and 360,000 times per second. A higher frequency is useful for faster processing speeds in applications.

High Electrical-to-Optical Conversion Efficiency: This suggests that the laser converts the electrical energy it consumes into optical energy (laser light) very efficiently, which is beneficial for energy saving and reducing operational costs.

Low ASE and Nonlinear Noise Effects: ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) and nonlinear noise can degrade the quality of the laser output. Low levels of these imply that the laser produces a clean, high-quality beam, suitable for precise applications.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: This feature indicates that the laser can function effectively across a broad range of temperatures, making it versatile for various environments and conditions.


Remote Sensing Survey: Ideal for detailed terrain and environmental mapping.
Autonomous/Assisted Driving: Enhances safety and navigation for self-driving and assisted driving systems.
Laser Ranging: Critical for drones and aircraft to detect and avoid obstacles.

This product embodies Lumispot Tech's commitment to advancing LIDAR technology, offering a versatile, energy-efficient solution for various high-precision applications.

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