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Super High-Definition Thermal Imaging at up to 2,500 Celsius with new Cameras from Telops

17 Oct 2023

The distinctive technology of Photon Lines Ltd’s partner Telops’ thermal imaging cameras enables unparalleled image quality with highly detailed thermal imaging of targets whilst maintaining excellent precision for the most demanding of applications. With strong developments being made for high temperature dynamic range and spatial resolution, Telops is pushing the boundaries of high-speed thermal imaging.

Telops have been manufacturing high speed thermal cameras since they were founded in 2000 and they have distinguished themselves for their breadth of in-house application and imaging expertise. Their thermal cameras are available in the long, mid- and short-wave infrared enabling imaging of temperatures of up to 2,500°C, at frame rates as high as 100,000 frames per second with sub-array resolution.

Applications vary widely across the world, and they include:

All Telops thermal cameras feature true global radiometric calibration across the entire camera sensor, and their unique permanent blackbody-free calibration enables accurate and precise temperature measurement with no need for any recalibration even after years of use. Automatic exposure control is integrated into the camera so that it can respond quickly and appropriately to rapid temperature changes whilst imaging without any loss of accuracy.

This year Telops have released their new super high-definition cameras boasting huge 1920 x 1536 (FAST M2Shd) and 1520 x 1536 (FAST M3Shd) resolution sensors so that fine detail can be resolved in even the fastest occurring events. These mid-wave infrared cameras are capable of measuring even slight differences in temperature on a per-pixel basis. For applications which include scenes with a wide variety of temperatures simultaneously the enhanced high dynamic range imaging (EHDRI) mode is included in these cameras to allow for the measurement of extremely hot objects alongside colder objects, all within the same image.

In addition to high speed thermal cameras, Telops have developed the Hyper-Cam series of hyperspectral Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) cameras. Hyper-Cam is available in ground-based and airborne format for spectroscopic detection and identification of gases (CO2, Methane, NOx, SOx, many others) and minerals (silicate, olivine, serpentine, others) for the raw materials sector.

Photon Lines is a value-added distributor of photonics equipment, including a wide range of scientific lasers, scientific cameras and sophisticated optical components, as well as high end fluorescence microscopy solutions. We have been serving the UK and Ireland for over 20 years.

Photon Lines will be exhibiting at the SPIE Photonex Exhibition in Glasgow from the 25 to 26th October, 2023 on stand 102, where Telops will also be in attendance.

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