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Experience Unmatched Clarity with Knight Optical's Dome Windows

22 Sep 2023

Elevate your optics with Knight Optical's bespoke dome windows, your gateway to superior clarity.

Dome windows, with their naturally robust hemispherical design, thrive under high-pressure environments, making them perfect for underwater cameras and submersibles.

Our custom solutions offer flexibility to meet your exact needs, whether it's BK7 for cost-effective visible applications, UV fused silica for wavelengths below 400nm, or sapphire for exceptional hardness and broad-spectrum transmission. 

Custom Capabilities:

Diameter (mm): 5mm to 300mm+

Thickness (mm): Tailored to diameter 

Dimensional Tolerances (mm): +/-0.05

Max. Strength Variation* (diopters): +/-0.2

Surface Figure (fr.): < 10(5)

Concentricity (mm): < 0.05

Scratch/Dig: < 20:10 

Polish: < P3 

Material: Please discuss requirements

Every product undergoes rigorous testing in our cutting-edge metrology lab, ensuring it matches the most demanding specifications. Our QA team meticulously checks for imperfections, guaranteeing top-tier quality before dispatch.

We are committed to providing our customers with both high-quality products and excellent service. Contact our UK and US teams today and experience true precision, quality and innovation. 

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