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Chandrayaan-3 Vikram Lander Carries Omega Linear Variable Filters

07 Sep 2023

With all of the recent excitement around human activity on the moon's surface, Omega Optical is equally excited about using their Linear Variable Filters for hyperspectral imaging on board the lander and, thus, currently sitting on the moon. (Queuing up the Dark Side of the Moon album)

Omegas' Linear Variable Optical Filters (LVF) for visible and NIR are designed for the rugged requirements of space use and are tailored to the needs of each instrument. Omega LVF’s are commonly used in spectroscopic and imaging applications that require a range of spectral bands within a compact size requirement, low weight, and rigid structure - perfect for a lunar lander to carry.

With the recent expansion of applications for earth and space observation, Omega Filters is dedicated to supporting this exciting industry with its LVF products, available from prototype through volume manufacture.

Our SPIE paper on "Hyperspectral imaging using a linear variable filter (LVF) based ultra-compact camera" by Thomas D. Rahmlow, William Cote, and Robert Johnson explains the narrow bandwidth LVF detector setup. It can be located on the omegafilters.com website.

An additional paper from Omega Filters is also available as a reference on the "Measurement and alignment of linear variable filters" by Markus Fredell, et al.

To inquire about using Omega LVF products in your next R&D project, please contact our Sales Engineers.

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