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Master Precision with Knight Optical's Corner Cube Prisms

17 Aug 2023

Corner cube prisms, or retroreflectors, are often used in applications requiring beam steering, such as laser resonators, surveying, alignment, and communications.

Knight Optical’s corner cube prisms redefine precision, ensuring impeccable parallelism between incoming and outgoing beams, with an angular deviation of less than 3 arcseconds; a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Choose from our laser-grade stock prisms or customise your retroreflectors to meet your exact specifications. Each piece is meticulously tested in our dedicated Metrology Lab to ensure precision and purpose-driven results.

Crafted from BK7 glass or its equivalent, our stock corner cube prisms are made to the following specifications:

Diameter: ± 0.15mm
± 0.2mm
Deviation Angle:
± 3 arcseconds 
Surface Quality:
< 20-10 scratch/dig

We currently offer uncoated 12.5mm to 64mm diameter corner cube prisms with global delivery.

Custom options can include adding mirror or antireflective (AR) coatings in your desired wavelength ranges for optimised performance. Different manufacturing substrates such as UV-fused silica can be used for improved performance in the UV wavelengths.

We are committed to providing our customers with both high-quality products and excellent service. Contact our UK and US teams today and experience true precision, quality and innovation.

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